Tuition for the 2024-2025 Academic Year is $1,525 per credit for Medical School Graduate Programs.

Scholarships are available for AHBR degree and certificate seeking scholars. Workforce Development Scholarships are available to WashU employees interested in taking up to 6 credit hours of AHBR coursework.

Academic year (July 1 to June 30)Tuition rate (per credit hour)

If you are a Washington University employee in your position for at least a year, you could be eligible for the Employee Tuition Assistance program. AHBR (M88) courses qualify for this benefit. Note, electives from other programs may not necessarily qualify. Residents, Fellows and Postdocs do not qualify for this benefit. Email to confirm if you are eligible.

The AHBR program offers merit-based scholarships to degree and certificate-seeking scholars of up to $600 per credit hour. A limited number of workforce development scholarships are also available to WashU employees who are interested in open enrollment courses. This special scholarship fund was created to: 1) advance the skills and multi-disciplinary training of employees who can contribute to the conduct and evaluation of research, 2) encourage a culture of professional development and life-long learning among employees, and 3) respond to the financial burdens of completing graduate training while working full time.These scholarships do not require one-year of employment, but employees must have earned at least a bachelor degree and must not be currently enrolled in another degree program. For more information about AHBR scholarships, contact