AHBR students gain the knowledge and skills they need in the classroom to immediately apply to their work within academic, clinical, and community settings.

What is the Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research?

The Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research (AHBR) is designed to provide hands-on methods and resources students can implement immediately in research and program management positions, as well as support students who intend to pursue advanced graduate or clinical degrees.

  • The AHBR degree program attracts a diverse student body, providing a rich, educational experience. Classmates include research coordinators and project managers seeking career advancement, predoctoral students, pre-med students, doctoral candidates, and physician fellows.
  • Courses can be completed at your own pace and are held in the early evening to accommodate students’ work schedules.
  • There is no thesis requirement, but opportunities are available for mentored research experiences.

Program benefits

  • The AHBR program provides a deeper understanding of the growing fields of health behavior research and behavioral medicine — specialized knowledge that is invaluable to anyone engaged in health related research.
  • Through the practical research experience provided, students have opportunities to fulfill specific graduate and medical school core competencies and enhance their applications, making the program an ideal gap year option for students applying to doctoral programs or medical school.
  • Depending on the student’s status, whether a working professional or a student in their gap year, the skill-based curriculum provides hands-on methods and resources students can implement immediately.
  • Specialized training positions graduates for career advancement in the growing and increasingly competitive field of health research.

Flexible program options

In the 33-credit Master of Science degree program, students gain a wider perspective of how health behaviors impact medical care and clinical outcomes.

Full time

Complete 9 to 15 credit hours per semester to finish your degree within three to four semesters.

Part time

Complete up to 8 credit hours to finish your degree on your own schedule.

Certificate option

The program also offers a 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Applied Health Behavior Research. Credits obtained by completing the graduate certificate apply toward completion of the Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research degree.